Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake located in frontier between East Javas with Central Java precisely in part of west Kabupaten Magetan, East Java. Den Lake located in mountainside Lawu having beautiful mountain nature. You can make Telaga Sarangan as one of alternative of your this vacation. There is many wisata interesting nature of which can be enjoyed here. This lake and vinicity area offers view of beautiful nature and makes surprise for you.Sarangan Lake
View of Sarangan Lake will pamper eye, because you can see wide lake and mountain of green Sidoramping around Gunung Lawu boosting height. Added again with calm lake water and becomes mirror from mountain and mount in around his(its. Looks into concevutive mountain and mount here also makes peaceful and calmer feeling is added with cold air of mountain with ambient temperature 18-23 degree Celciuses. Cold air of mountain you can enjoy because Telaga Sarangan to lay in height around 1000 metre from sea level.
Close To Sarangan Lake, there is entrance towards waterfall. There is three fruit of waterfall is earning you to visit here that is waterfall Watu Ondo, Shoulder Kiwo, and Jarakan. At elbow entrance one of this waterfall, there is ex- plane taken as monument remembers neigbour upon (with) Kabupaten Sarangan of Kota Madiun which is Pangkalan Utama AURI.
Jalan towards waterfall is not difficult, even semi journey can be done with car. Journey of towards waterfall will become pleasing journey. You will pass mountainside applied for plantation. You can see various vegetable crops that is possible seldom be met in town. You also can plunge your foot/feet into cool transparent water and fresh applied for irrigation of plantation. This thing can become supporting facilities for interesting study for child of you.
Hare Sate
After satisfying circles, you can order hare sate and lontong which many on the market in around this lakes. Sate which seldom be met in this competent other area of you tries, because with soft and soft flesh can make you addictive. Price on the market Rp 7000 / portion, price which enough to be reached for your sack;bag. Other food of which can be enjoyed here is rice pecel. Neigbour upon (with) Sarangan Area of Kota Madiun which is famous with flavour and sambal pecel. this Pecel becomes is special because its(the scrumptious bean flavour added to be multifarious fried as its(the complement.
Hotel and Lodging in Sarangan Lake
In around this lake, there is a lot of jasmine class hotel which can become place of you to lodge. Hotel that is in concurrence to compete this offers price which is overvalued not. You can lodge in room with 2 bed room, bathroom and sittingroom with the price of around Rp 500000,- for the night. Or also there is only 1 room;chamber with cheaper price. Place of this lodging also provides temperature water to take a bath and drink. Generally, this jasmine hotel with floor 2 so that you earns (be) free to enjoy Telaga Sarangan with broader viewpoint. You also can find at least 2 hotel is having star here.
Present from Sarangan Lake
After satisfying berwisata in Telaga Sarangan, before returning you can go shopping present and cinderamata from Telaga Sarangan. You can buy bag, kaos or other handicraft which is result of masterpiece from public around.
From Sarangan Lake, if you are towards occidental direction or Central Java, You will find Kabupaten Karanganyar, Central Java, famous with wisata nature Grojogan Sewu. While if towards east, you can stop by to Kota Madium to buy present typical of Madiun like brem and sambal pecel which delicious.
Beautiful Sarangan Lake hardly suited for your vacation with family. Safe enjoys your vacation in Telaga Sarangan, wisata beautiful nature and fascinates!

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